A downloadable game for Windows

Mirror|Room is a top down shooter where the edges of the screen reverse the position of anything that touches it. Bullets, enemies and you! The player also has a barrier behind them that neutralizes unfriendly projectiles and collects fired/stalled bullets (shards) . However, this barrier is only active when you are not firing. While firing watch out for your bullet (shard) count. If it drops bellow one you will lose.

This game matches the theme because the mirrored walls allow the player extra movement as well as get angled shots that they could not get otherwise. While that is what the core concept was  there are plenty of other things that are dual purposed, like how health and ammo are the same thing, or how the shield both blocks projectiles and absorbs shards. 

Programs used for game and page: GameMaker:Studio 1.4 (steam ver.), Photoshop, OBS

First play tips: 

1.) Carefully observe each new enemy before blasting them, new enemies will always appear alone.

2.) There are two ways to take damage, projectiles and hit-boxes. Only projectiles can be blocked!

3.) The best place to hit enemies is on their red crystals.

4.) If you are trapped in a corner remember that walking through the mirror at the edge of the screen will take you to the other side.

5.) I am very bad at art so hit-boxes are a solid color with what are cracks (because of the mirror theme)

6.) There are ten waves. (nothing after ten)

Creator notes:

 The idea for the core parts of this game came from me wanting to loop as many mechanics as possible so that everything would tie together. An example of mechanics looping is the player firing bullets (shards) then the player taking a break from shooting to block their missed shots to regain health and ammunition. This thought of looping mechanics is probably what lead me to program the walls looping the players position. 


fulscreen_mirror_room 1.00.exe 2 MB